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Hot Lunch

Our school provides a hot lunch program on campus, and this year we have a new provider, Children's Choice, a company we believe provides a broad selection of wholesome lunch choices for our students, while delivering them through responsible product sourcing. You can visit their website here, and order your child's lunch online. The registration code to create an account is Family. You may cancel a lunch by 5pm the night before to receive full credit for a future lunch. You can also cancel a lunch before 9am the same day to receive half-credit.

Choice Lunch is committed to providing nutritional information to parents.

Dr. Sears and Choicelunch, working Together
Dr. Sears and his family have long been committed to helping parents raise healthy kids. One of his top passions is to help parents reshape their children's tastes to appreciate real food. It is this common purpose that unites Dr. Sears and Choicelunch. A personal note from Dr. Sears:

"Dear Choicelunch,
As pediatricians and health practitioners working in children's hospitals around the world, my family and I have studied childhood nutrition for decades. Ten years ago we noticed a startling increase in nutrition-related health concerns, which I call NDD, "Nutrition Deficit Disorder." Nutrition has become core to our mission.

And that is why I am so glad to be partnering with Choicelunch. They create complete, nutrient-dense meals from scratch which help kids play better, live better and learn better.

When we first began working with Choicelunch we fell in love with their concept of empowering kids to pick their own healthy snacks, fruits and drinks—what I call, "shaping kids tastes." As we started working closer with Choicelunch, we loved them even more because they are approaching youth food service the same as the Sears Family would. They use local sustainable ingredients; offer a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains high in antioxidants and phytonutrients all in compostable containers, baggies and utensils. We couldn't have planned it any better.

Cheers to the Healthy Choicelunch program!"