Holy Family Cathedral School

Registration now due for the 2019-2020 school year..

Flag Football: Afterschool Sports

Student Council Members Spreading Xmas Cheer

The Student Body raises money for the Hurricane victims.

Class of 1968 returns to celebrate their 50 Year Reunion to kick off Catholic Schools Week

Holy Family Summer Camp- "Cooking Fun!"

Music Class

Choral Festival 2016

Creating at Summer Camp

Fun with balloons in PE class.
Red Ribbon Week with Crazy Hair Day!

Holy Family Students deliver cookies to our new Superintendant during Catholic Schools Week

Fun in Preschool

6th Grade Outdoor Ed

Blessing of the Animals

6th Grade Outdoor Ed

6th Grade Celebrates Ancient Greek Day

Policeman Valentin visits Preschool

Excited to meet Santa on Santa Day: Dec. 7th 

UPS visits Preschool

Tuckered out from the  heat wave
5th Grade takes a trip to Knotts Berry Farm

Math Day 2018

Our 6th Grade classes make "Happy Hats" to deliver to  cancer patients at St Joseph Hospital

Our 8th Graders Teaching Students Math Concepts at Math Day.

Kindergarten exploring with 'Sinking' and 'Floating'

First Graders Making Pies

Science Convention 2017

Crazy Hair Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Senor Coulson and 6th graders perform a dance

Celebrating Dr Seuss

Red Ribbon Week- First Grade Superheroes

 A new Spartan's First Day of Preschool

Kindergarten has fun learning math with fidget spinners

Our 8th Graders Perform the Living Rosary

Art Masters

Kindergarten making applesauce 

Olympic Day 2019.  1B represents Canada well!

Learning how to write in Chinese at the Bowers Museum

Students collaborating

Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

4th grade:  Prayer Partners

After School Enrichment Class:  Cooking with Mrs D

Our 6th Graders learning about the Chinese culture at the Bowers Museum

7th and 1st grade buddies

4th Grade Sacred Heart Retreat

First Day of School:  Making Friends in 4th Grade
Santa takes a school bus to visit HFCS

8th Graders with their Kindergarten Buddies Making Gingerbread Houses.  

Principals of the Day: Lindsey and Noah

Summer Camp Fun

Our 6th Graders Study Ancient Egypt

Olympic Day 2019- 7th Grade represents the Phillipines

Blessing of the Animals

Kindergarten visits the Pumpkin Patch

We Love Our 7th Grade  Buddies

Outdoor Ed Fun

7th and  1st grade buddies

Holy Family Track Winners

Our 6th Grades take a Field Trip to the Bowers Museum

Rainy Day Lunch

Kindergarten celebrates the 100th Day of School!

The Living Rosary
2nd Grade Shows up for 80's Rock Your School Day

Mrs Runnells and her daughter, Olivia (Preschool) celebrate Halloween

7th Grade Science:  "Robot Marco Polo"

Our Students Show Their Appreciation for Our Teachers

Election Day:  Our Kindergarten students cast their votes

First Grade Teacher, Mrs Doonan, with her students

Holy Family Golf

Our Middle School Teachers, Ghostbusters
and Mr Aronson as Slimer.

Science Lab

Coach Jones JV Basketball Team  2nd Place Winners at the St. Barbara Tournament.

Kendall and Jillian are Principals for the Day

Science Convention: Students teaching students

Preschool Playtime

Literature Day:  Monsignor reads to the 7th grade class

Holy Family celebrate our loved ones who have passed.

Reading time in 4th Grade

Olympic Day 2017

Math Field Day:  Students Teaching Students

Student Council Wrapping Gifts for Adopt a Family

Greek Day

Prominent Americans: 8th Grade Presentations

End of the Year Picnic Fun!!