Art Masters

As part of Holy Family School’s mission “dedicated to the education and formation of the whole child” we offer the Art Masters Legacy program. The program explores the lives and artistic styles of 6 different great masters each school year. It is our hope that through the study of the great art masters, our students will become problem solvers and critical thinkers as they develop new expressive skills and build competencies with their creative ability. They are challenged to be as creative as possible within the structure of each art lesson.
Students are introduced to each art master or art from a world culture through a combination of stories, visual aids and slides at grade level settings. Our students attend a lecture presented by an art professional from Art Masters Legacy for each unit.
Each student receives his or her own grade level practice pages to complete after the lecture and before the classroom art activity. Two pages for each unit combine the study of an art element related to the master artist’s style or technique with the practice of skills necessary for success in the art activity.
Students then enjoy a one hour classroom art activity planned to relate the master artist by technique, style, and medium. Our own HFCS parent volunteers conduct the classroom projects producing masterpieces from each of the students.
Art Masters Legacy Program is a funded supplementary art education program study in visual arts designed to complement history, social studies and language arts frameworks. This program integrates history, criticism, and aesthetics with exciting studio art projects.
As our students discover the world of art, they learn to use the potential of the human mind to their own unique capability.

Viewing of student art and special events:
  • Individual student art is displayed throughout the year within the community at Orange City Hall and Starbucks on the Orange Plaza.
  • Student art can be seen on display in the school office throughout the school year.
  • During Catholic Schools Week visit our annual all school Art Faire in the Parish Hall.
  • Student art work is entered in local community art competitions such as the 1000 Pieces of Art at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.