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School Philosophy/SLE

HFCS students are the future leaders of society and will assume a role in establishing a more just and peaceful world. Therefore, we strive to develop in each child a positive and well-balanced self-image. We encourage each child to become a lifelong learner and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and values in order to live cooperatively and responsibly in this world.
The Student Learning Expectations reflect the school's philosophy and goals. They are infused in the development of lessons and are focal points in daily teaching.
A Faithful Christian
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of scripture and the Catholic Church’s teachings
  • Makes moral choices based on their Catholic faith
  • Nurtures an active prayer life and celebrates the liturgy of the Catholic Church
  • Possesses a social conscience and actively works to promote peace and justice
  • Participates in community service
A Lifelong Learner
  • Uses technology for learning, communication and enjoyment
  • Demonstrates competency in basic skills
  • Sets reasonable goals and effectively works to accomplish them
  • Develops self-awareness and discipline through the study and practice of the arts
A Responsible Citizen
  • Demonstrates self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Solves problems effectively
  • Demonstrates an awareness and acceptance of global diversity
  • Participates in parish, school and community activities
An Effective Communicator
  • Uses language clearly and effectively
  • Recognizes, understands and uses non-verbal communication
  • Demonstrates competency in basic skills
  • Uses technology to communicate, learn and interact globally
A Global Citizen
  • Describes and demonstrates the impact he/she has on others and the environment
  • Seeks to understand current events on a local, national and global level and their effect on his/her life
  • Understands and appreciates cultural diversity
  • Participates in responsible stewardship of the world’s resources