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Preschool Programs Offered
  • M/W/F Morning Session (7:50- 10:50 am ) for children who are 2.6 by Sept. 1
  • M-F Afternoon Session (11:50-2:50) for children who are 4 by Dec. 31
  • M-F Full Day Session (7:50- 2:50) for children who are 4 by Dec. 31
Holy Family Catholic School recognizes that each child is an unique creation of God.  In cooperation with the parents, who are the primary educators, we work to discover and develop the potential God has given to each child.  Our curriculum nourishes self worth, respect, responsibility, independence and leadership in each student.  

Half Day Preschool
“The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn”.-John Lubbock
This age group is that of small successes, such as being able to listen to a story for longer periods of time, getting your own backpack, or completing a small art project independently. When these small successes are accumulated together they create a confident and focused learner. It is in this age group where the building blocks for later school success are begun.  During both group time and play time we work with the needs of each student to help them to develop social skills as well as an understanding of classroom expectations.  As the year progresses and students become acclimated to being a part of a cooperative classroom group, teachers are able to begin introducing more complex learning activities. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement. It has an ability to create a confident and independent learner. We strive to ensure that our students’ first school experience is one that creates a love for learning and school.
Full Day Preschool
Our Preschool program complements the family in providing the environment and means for social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative and spiritual growth.  Our curriculum is designed to nurture in each child a positive self image and a love for learning.  Activities are designed based on the developmental levels of early childhood.  
Religion:  Children are taught their faith through prayer, Bible stories and role playing.  Christian values and moral are fostered through interactive play and daily activities.  
Art/Music:  Children are encouraged to develop their imagination, express their emotions and develop good eye hand coordination through music and art.  Music fosters listening skills and memory development.  
Language:  Language skills  as well as Reading and Listening skills are developed though circle time, class discussions, story telling and show and tell.    
Creative Dramatics/Physical Development:  Movement, free expression and use of imagination are nurtured through puppetry, dress up, role playing, outside play and free play.
Science/Math/Cooking: Children are introduced to meteorology, biology, chemistry and physics in simple form.  Cooking weekly teaches about food groups, healthy living, math and science skills.
Games and Social Activities:  Children learn and practice social skills, cooperation and self confidence through games and social interaction.