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HFCS provides a Learning Support Program with staff to support the students with learning differences.  The program director is credentialed in evaluating and individually assessing students with specific needs.  In addition to the Learning Support Program, a Student Study Team (SST) has been developed to further assist with placement, recommendations, outside referrals and the implementation of the Academic Support Plan (ASP,) necessary for each child placed in the program.
A student is eligible to receive services if he/she is one academic year below grade level, has an identified learning disability, or other conditions or situations prohibitive to success in the regular classroom.  If the child has learning differences but does not qualify for placement in the program, the Learning Support staff will then assist the teacher in guiding this student to succeed through classroom accommodations and modifications.
The HFCS Support Program strives to meet the needs of all students. Our ministry is to educate the whole child.  We are dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, artistic, psychological, and social formation of our students. HFCS
Currently the Learning Support Program address t staff recognizes the parents as the primary educators of their children, and works with them through open communication, regular parent/teacher conferencing and on-going student evaluation.  Currently, the Learning Support program addresses Language Arts in grades 1 through 5,  It provides services to approximately 50 students through differentiation in the classroom setting. Students in 6 through 8 are placed on Academic Support Plans as needed.