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Physical Education

Holy Family Physical Education is a comprehensive program based on California Physical Education Standards, that stresses locomotion skills in Kindergarten and 1st grades, manipulative skills in 2nd through 6th grades, teamwork and strategy development from 4th grade through 8th grade and progresses to lesson planning and peer teaching in 8th grade.  Each grade level participates in Physical Education twice a week for 45 minutes each class time.

Within our Physical Education curriculum we include health lessons such as nutrition, body awareness, cardio vascular fitness, life-long fitness and emotional well-being. We do testing in 4th through 8th grades in the five components of physical fitness, agility, cardio-respiratory endurance, upper body strength, core strength and flexibility.


Special Events:

Olympic Day 

Each class chooses a country to represent and within their homerooms they research their country’s customs, foods, economy etc.  On Olympic Day the students participate in noncompetitive activities and sample some of the foods from their country.  The day begins with an Opening Ceremony and Parade of Nations.