Holy Family Cathedral School

Welcome Back Students!  First Day of School:  Monday, August 26!.
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7th Grade

Seventh grade is a year of firsts, discoveries, challenges and exciting adventures. It is the first year to be in Junior High with multiple teachers, science projects and regional school dances. Students discover through hands on experiments, projects and activities. They are challenged to be leaders and good examples within the school community. 

Students start the year by exploring who God is and how they experience Him through the Holy Trinity.  Next, they study the life, mission, and ministry of Jesus Christ as seen in the four Gospels.  They also review how we experience God's grace through the seven sacraments and how we live out our vocation as members of the Body of Christ.  Finally, students look at their own lives in a modern world and their efforts to live as Jesus did by spreading His Gospel message.

Spiritual Growth:
Students attend mass weekly, as well as participate monthly in the all- school mass with their first grade buddies.  They also attend a retreat at the Heart of Jesus Retreat Center in November.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation twice a year.

Community Service:
Students perform 5 hours of community service during their seventh grade year.

Our program follows the Common Core Standards for Math.  Our classes consist of Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Basic Geometry and Algebra.  McDougal Littell, Mathematics Concepts and Skills Common Core textbook.  Accelerated Math and the Simple Solutions Program are also used in the classroom.

Life Science is the main topic studied by students in 7th grade.  Lessons incorporate hands-on experiences as well as reading and discussing.  Each student participates in our annual Science Convention where students teach science concepts through interactive and creative booths.  We are currently transitioning from the California State Standards to the Next Generation Science Standards.
Social Studies:
Students study the social, cultural, and technological changes that occurred in Europe, Africa and Asia in the years A.D. 500-1789.  Students also study the history and geography of great civilizations and empires that developed concurrently throughout the world during medieval and early modern times.

Students read and write based on the following themes: plot, character, setting, fiction, non-fiction etc.  Each story is discussed and analyzed to discover the various meaning and lessons within.  Every story also includes grammar and spelling review.  The students read the novel, Where the Red Fern Grows in the fall, and Catherine Called Birdy in the spring.  

Field Trips:
  • A week spent at Pali Institute in Running Springs
  • class retreat at Heart of Jesus Retreat Center
Special Events and Activities:
  • Jr High Dances
  • Holiday activities with first grade buddies
  • Geography Bee (grades 5-8)
  • Olympic Day
  • Seder Meal