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Welcome Back Students!  First Day of School:  Monday, August 26!.
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5th Grade

Fifth grade is filled with new discoveries and opportunities of growth for the students at Holy Family Cathedral School. We believe that what happens in the classroom affects our students’ futures. In addition to academic achievement, we will be working on deepening our relationship with God and our faith, being responsible for ourselves, and learning to work together as a team.

The students study the Seven Sacraments and how the Church celebrates each one. We learn how to be a more prayerful people by examining the foundations of our faith and by exploring the scriptures through our Bible unit.

Writing is a major focus in fifth grade. Students learn how to enhance their compositions through the use of the Writing Traits and by learning essential revising skills. In addition to writing, we also cover grammar, proper mechanics, and grade-level vocabulary.

Students use the Harcourt anthology, California Excursions, throughout the year. With this series, students explore various types of genres while applying reading strategies to help them comprehend literature and informational text. Students are also engaged in the Accelerated Reader program which tracks and evaluates their independent reading skills.

Students are assessed and placed into a math class that best suits their needs. (An accelerated math course is available to those who test into the program). The main focus of fifth grade math includes: operations and algebraic thinking; number and operations in base ten; fractions; measurement/data; and geometry.

Social Studies:
Using the Harcourt Reflections series, we focus on the Native Americans; the Age of Exploration; the Thirteen English Colonies; the American Revolution; the Formation of our Nation; and Westward Expansion.

Touching on all of the natural sciences in the California Science Harcourt series, the students study the physical science of Elements and Compounds; the life science of the Structure of Living Things; and the earth science of the Water Cycle, Weather, and the Solar System.

Field Trips Include
Live performance of a play
Knott’s Berry Farm
Heart of Jesus Retreat Center
Riley’s Farm Revolutionary War Experience

Special Events
Service Project
Solar Ovens
Traveling Scientist
State Report
Literature Projects