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4th Grade

In Fourth Grade we encourage students to become more independent.  Our class motto “I am responsible for my own behavior” reminds students to think about their actions, take responsibility for themselves and become more autonomous when it comes to their own learning.

Living as a faithful Christian is at the center of our religion curriculum. The students study  the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Liturgical Year and Reconciliation. This assists students in developing an understanding of what it means to live as a Catholic Christian. The liturgical calendar marks days of observation and celebration.  Students regularly scheduled school liturgies. 

Language Arts
Different themes are used throughout the multicultural-based stories in our Open Court reading program used in fourth grade. Students read the following novel: “By the Great Horn Spoon” which ties in with the Social Studies program. Development of the writing process is incorporated into all subject areas. Language usage is developed with a strong emphasis on the parts of speech, along with reinforcement of spelling skills through weekly assessment.

 Students are taught to solve one and two-step word problems, multiplication and division. Fourth graders explore place value, fractions, equivalent fractions, simplest form, and addition and subtraction of fractions. Students are taught to use various intermediate geometric terms and shapes.

Our fourth grade science curriculum includes all the major Sciences: Life, Physical and Earth.  Our students explore Life Science by studying animal behavior, adaptation and survival skills. They explore Physical Science by studying different types of energy and how it is produced and its effect on the environment.  They explore Earth Science by learning about Earth's surface, landforms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and waves and tides. 

Social Studies
Fourth graders begin to develop critical thinking skills while studying the history and geography of California. Beginning with the Native Americans, California's rich and colorful past is explored in detail through the influence of the Spanish, to the days of the gold rush, and on to the growth and development of modern California.

Fourth grade students are encouraged to use technology in all areas of the curriculum. We use Google Classroom as our platform for instruction in all subject areas.  They are taught computer basics, such as typing skills and how to use programs such as Google Slides, Forms and Documents, and Flipgrid to enhace their projects.  They become proficient in programs such as Prodigy, Quizziz, Quizlet, MathFacts Pro, IXL, and Kahoot to help with practice and study skills. 

*These are the Field Trips, Special Events, and Learning Opportunities that fourth graders would normally participate in. 

Field Trips, Special Events &Learning Opportunities:
Heart of Jesus Retreat Center
Mission San Juan Capistrano
Traveling Scientist
Lazy W Ranch

Special Projects:
California Physical Map
California Landmark Project