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Welcome Back Students!  First Day of School:  Monday, August 26!.
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3rd Grade

Holy Family Cathedral School recognizes that each child is an unique creation of God.  In cooperation with the parents who are the primary educators, we work to discover and develop the potential God has given to each child.  

The Sadlier Religion series, We Believe and RCL Benziger Family Life prepare our young people to follow Christ, teach them the traditions of the Catholic Church including the parts of the Mass, and to live safe and healthy, moral and loving lives as members of the Christian family. We learn about St. Bernadette and work daily towards showing respect and kindness to every classmate and to each adult on campus.

Language Arts:
Our Open Court Reading program engages students in literature, comprehension skills, writing and grammar. As a class we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. In addition to Open Court, third graders have a grammar workbook by Sadlier-Oxford, and a spelling book by McDougal Littel.
 They are given many opportunities to write formally and informally.  Formal assignments include personal narratives, realistic fiction stories, time travel stories, career essays, persuasive letter writing, poetry, and a sports related research report.

The Harcourt Math program develops skills in the following areas:  understanding numbers and operations, money and time, multiplication and division concepts and facts, geometry, measurement, fractions and decimals, data, graphing, and probability.  On a daily basis, concepts are reviewed and practiced with the Simple Solution workbook.

Through the Harcourt Science series the students learn about energy and matter, patterns in the sky, light, and adaptations.  All students complete a solar system project.

Social Science:  
The Harcourt Social Science program focuses on geography, California Indians past and present, how communities began and grew, government and citizenship, securing our freedoms, and understanding economics.  

Our handwriting program consists of learning the proper continuous strokes of each letter in two books: Writing Our Faith and Writing in Cursive by Universal Publishing.   

Field Trips:

Orange City Hall to meet the mayor and participate in a mock city hall meeting
Retreat at the  Heart of Jesus Retreat Center
Ocean Institute at Dana Point

Special Events:

Summer reading of 2 books: Flat Stanley and Black Beauty plus projects completed in September
Art Masters (monthly presentations and art projects)
 Participation in a school Mass
Halloween Parade and Penny Carnival   
Christmas Performance
Special Persons Day
Ceramic Project
Olympic Day
 End of the year class picnic