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2nd Grade

Second Grade is an exciting year in which children embark on the challenges and love of Reading and Math, and gain independence and self-confidence through personal achievements. Most importantly it’s a year of spiritual growth through the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Our goal is for each child to be taught in a nurturing environment in which positive reinforcement fosters a love for learning in the classroom. 


Our Religion series teaches the importance of Jesus in the children’s lives and focuses on the Sacraments and the Mass. The children learn about the loving compassion Jesus has for them as they prepare for Reconciliation and continue their spiritual journey as they prepare for the sacrament of First Holy Communion.  The children not only learn about their faith, but how to live their faith and share it with others.
Family Life prepares the students to live safe and healthy, moral and loving lives as members of the Christian family.


Language Arts:
Open Court
: The program creates a literature – rich environment that instills a passion for lifelong reading and a love of literature and the written word.  


Our Math program employs a consistent method of standard based instruction for developing mathematical proficiency using common core practices. 
Simple Solutions:  Students are given the opportunity to practice skills learned in previous grades.


Students will explore the topics: Landscape Shapes, Materials from the Land, How Landscapes Change, & Biodiversity in Habitats. 


Social Studies:
"The World Around Us" Series invites students to step out into the world – to become informed, responsible citizens.


Service Projects:
Teaching Stewardship in Second Grade. The children are asked to complete a minimum of 2 hours of "Kindness Hours" each trimester. 


Projects/ Events: 
Landform report and diorama  
Saint report                                                                                     
Book report
May Crowning
Olympic Day                


Field Trips:  

Traveling Scientist
Heart of Jesus Retreat Center

*Traditionally the 2nd Grade participates in these Field Trips.