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1st Grade

1st Grade

Holy Family Catholic School recognizes that each child is an unique creation of God. In cooperation with the parents who are the primary educators, teachers work to discover and develop the potential God has given each child.


1st grade explores our Catholic faith by providing opportunities for prayer, scripture, liturgy, and service. Units on Advent, Lent, the Rosary, and the saints enhance the program. 1st graders also attend weekly Mass. In addition, students learn about Catholic values and safety.

Language Arts

The language arts program integrates reading, phonics, handwriting, grammar, writing, and spelling. The five step writing process is introduced to enable students to become better writers. The Accelerated Reading Program offers challenges to students to improve  comprehension. Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of all students.  


Adding, subtracting, numeration, graphing, money, time, geometry, measurement, and fractions are included in the 1st grade Math program. Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of all students. A supplemental text, Simple Solutions, provide an ongoing review of Math concepts to aid retention of skills and to improve computation. 


Students learn investigative skills and how to use Science tools. Units about matter, plants, animals, weather, and energy are included. STEM lessons are incorporated through in class science experiments. Literature and art activities pertaining to Science topics are included throughout the year.

Social Studies

Students learn about their place in the world through units such as rules and laws, neighborhoods and communities, national symbols, and traditions of the United States. Students learn basic economic principles, natural resources, and ecology. Map and graphing skills are introduced as well.


Field Trips

The Pumpkin Patch

Discovery Science Center

Theatrical plays

Heart of Jesus Retreat

Special Events

Halloween Parade and Penny Carnival

Activities with 7th grade buddies

Christmas performance

Special Person’s Day

Art Masters

Traveling Scientist

Olympic Day

End of the year picnic

*These are the Field Trips and Special Events that First Graders at HFCS would normally participate in.