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Transitional Kindergarten

 Children who are 5 by December 31, 2020, or who would benefit from a "bonus" year, are welcome to apply to our TK class.

Holy Family Catholic School recognizes that each child is a unique creation of God.  In cooperation with the parents who are the primary educators, we work to discover and develop the potential God has given to each child.

Our TK class is designed to transition the young learners from preschool to kindergarten. This academic journey and spiritual growth are nurtured through a well balanced developmental and academic approach.  Each child is encouraged to develop the potential in a caring Catholic atmosphere. 

The religion series, “Discovering God’s Love” introduces children to the Catholic faith.  Children will learn that God is our creator and that he has given each one of us the potential to share our many gifts with each other.  The students learn the importance of sharing God’s love as well as praying.  The students are also introduced to several bible stories that can be role played so that they have a better understanding of each one.

Language Arts: 
Our Open Court Reading program introduces students to literature, phonics, rhyming, word families and sight words.  Children are introduced to a strong foundation to support the emerging reader. 

The math skills that are taught in Prekindergarten are identifying and describing shapes, working with numbers 1-20, counting skills, identifying number names and counting in sequence. Students are also introduced to measurement, classifying objects and comparisons of attributes.

Our science is "hands on".  Through thematic units students are able to learn about animals, plants, healthy eating, and the world around them. 

Social Science:
Through Scholastic Magazine, "Let’s Find Out", students are able to develop kindergarten skills through the magazine as well as the activities and videos that are offered. This developmentally appropriate magazine allows for students to learn while engaging in fun activities.

Our handwriting program, "Handwriting Without Tears", allows for students to learn how to form letters correctly, as well as how to grip a pencil correctly. Students learn to differentiate between upper and lower case letters.  Students will practice their letter formation as well as their first and last name.


Field Trips:
Pumpkin Patch
Pretend City

Special Events:
Halloween Parade and Penny Carnival
Christmas Performance
Olympic Day
End of the year picnic