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Partners In Technology Education

Classroom technology is one of the greatest needs for our students this year.  Just as our Partners In Education program is so successful in providing an opportunity to bring families and businesses together with an individual classroom or program, our Technology Partners offers this as well but with a more specific focus on technology needs.
As a PARTNER in Technology Education, you can partner with an individual classroom, a grade level, or the greater technology pool that will help meet these technology needs.  The donation to become a PARTNER in Technology Education is a minimum of $500.
As a FRIEND in Technology Education, you can make a gift to classroom technology at any amount to help with an individual classroom or grade level's technology needs.
Partners In Technology Education are invited to our Partners breakfast on May 30.  Partners and Friends in Technology Education will be invited to a special event in the spring.
Please consider a gift to Holy Family Cathedral School and become a Partner or Friend in Technology Education.  You can make a gift online or print out the attached form and mail with a check.  For more information contact HFCS Office of Development at development@holyfamilyk8.org or 714-538-6012 x360.
The Mottl Family and Wells Fargo          Primary Grade Level
Carrie Weeks and Travelers                   All Technology needs
Lidia Hood-Sanchez                               Kindergarten B
Julie Hernandez                                     All Technology needs